Are You Ready for a Challenge?
– 30x Yoga in 30 Days-


Everybody can participate! You can choose between an Unlimited Yoga membership or you can buy a monthly membership for 110.-€. Your 10x or 20x card can be frozen during the challenge.

You have nothing to lose, but a lot to win! However, you can succeed only if you try!


Practising everyday is like flushing the toilet everytime you…

Bikram Choudhury

Practicing yoga every day brings you physically to new borders. Your will power and strength are tested. You get a new, taut body and maybe even lose a few kilos! You shine afterwards both inside and out. You are calmer and at the end of the challenge, you are successful!

We are here to help and support you. Please let us know if you need any advice or have quesitons.

Everyone will receive a free t-shirt from Yoga Loft Ulm and a place of recognition on our Challenge Wall in the studio and on our homepage!


If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Conditions of Participation


Everyone can participate – you have nothing to lose!

Even if you have never done yoga before, you can still take part. If you have any questions, please ask us! If you have health problems, you should talk with your doctor before beginning.


You can either purchase an Unlimited Yoga membership or a monthly membership. Your 10x or 20x card can be frozen during the challenge.


You can get the form from us in the studio and then sign up on the Challenge List.


Every challenger on the list should document their participation in each class.


You should practice yoga every day for at least an hour, whether it is Flow Yoga, Vinyasa or Hot Yoga either for 60 or 90 minutes. If it is not possible to do it every day, you can double up another day, but only on one occasion. Triples do not count.

Challenge Tipps


During the day it is important to drink water, juice spritzers or herbal tea before and after yoga. If you stay hydrated, you may not need water during the class. Drinking promotes concentration, brings more rest to your yoga practice and makes it easier on your muscles. Do not confuse an “emotional” need for water during the class with an “actual” need. Drinks like coconut water or alcohol-free wheat beer are a good mineral substance.


Divide your strength. Every day is different and every yoga class is a new experience. Sometimes a 90 minute class will fly by, other times it will feel like an eternity. Some days everything is light and other days may be more difficult. Some exercises will be stressful and others easy. This is an important part of the process. Simply do the best you can do!


Find your favorite place in the yoga space. Sometimes you will be in the front row, sometimes behind and other times in the middle. Try not move around. If you always reach for your water at the same time, try alternating your drink break. Enjoy the feeling of practicing yoga without habits or pattern behaviors.


All around us is movement and things to capture our attention. It is easy to get distracted. Practice yoga in peace, silence and be present. Find your rest and hold it as long as possible. Do not think about your last yoga class or the next position. Stay in the here and now!


If you come to class exhausted after a strenuous day, try not to bring your stress to the mat. Take it easy. Lie down in one of the back rows and simply make the most of the class.


With most people, your eating habits will change automatically during the challenge. You may find you have more of an appetite for fresh salads, colorful vegetables and more fruit. Bread may taste too nutty and filling. Sugary drinks may become too sweet, but a fresh mint-ginger tea with honey is perfect! Egg whites are important for your muscles, carbohydrates give you energy and fresh fruit juice is a great start to the day. Live healthy and well balanced!


A good idea is to treat yourself to a massage after the first week of the challenge, dinner with a Yoga-Buddy after week two and new yoga clothes after the third week. Small rewards encourage motivation!

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