Yoga teacher / Studio Management

Joana Hufnagel

Joana grew up as a small child surrounded by dance and movement. Her mother, as a ballet dancer and teacher always took them to the theatre. From an early age she took ballet lessons and was so inspired that she later finished her dance education in Stuttgart with Eva Steinbrecher.

She attained numerous advanced trainings for dance and movement and for years has taught dance to children and adults at her mother’s ballet school.

Her first contact with yoga was in 2000 when she took part in a pregnancy yoga course and notived how positive her body and soul felt. After some advanced trainings and yoga courses she found her love for Hot Yoga. This Yoga inspired her so much that in 2016 she did her Hot Yoga Teacher training 200H with Evolation Yoga in Amsterdam.

Joana loves the power of Hot Yoga and the perseverance and strenght. She also has done her Yoga for Children training with Leila Oostendorp in Munich.

Joana’s idea is to teach yoga and make it accessible to everyone. „You are never too old or too young, you are always at the right age to start yoga. Everybody is able to do yoga, it is never too late to start.“